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The book on book clubs …, and I've run a ton of books through my Amazon. A drop at the top in office sales … buyers have been attracted to all types of commercial real estate, with office buildings accounting …. Low-fare air battles bypass Twin Cities … premium by keeping smaller carriers out of the market. In , Northwest flights accounted for Melendez: 'Betrayal' rhetoric is misdirected at Ritchie … a transportation bill.

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But we're still waiting for Pawlenty to take responsibility, or to hold anyone accountable …. Detective in bicyclist case reassigned …, was critical comments Adams made in the Star Tribune on Nov.

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Mortgage firm is focus of county fraud probe …, deposited money into a bank account he directed her to open, covered her closing costs and directed to whom…. Court-appointed receiver will dispose of Parish Development … of assets and financial accounts and access to company records. Matilda is a little girl with astonishing wit, intelligence, and psychokinetic powers.

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The member cast is composed almost entirely of Colorado talent and includes three astounding young women who will share the role of Matilda: Kyra Archuleta, Haley Ballard, and Emily Franks. The production features a member live orchestra, under the musical direction of Jay Hahn.

Register, view dates, times, pricing, etc. Special event: Skate in the Park with Matilda on Dec. Plus: Pre-theatre dining options are available; view menus online; reservations: Colorado Springs Oct. What could possibly go wrong? This look at how religion, guns and social media influence our political system is simultaneously funny, heartbreaking and uplifting.

I wish every member of Congress would see it! The FAC is the 24 th U. When: Nov. Even more: This program is part of the For Freedoms 50 State Initiative developed to spur greater participation in civic life by generating discussion of values, place and patriotism through the arts. The collaborative is transforming a plot of blighted land into a thriving dryland ecosystem that also serves as an edible indigenous landscape.

Informed by social sculpture, the collaborative believes artists have the ability to altruistically transform and shape their environments and society. Regrowing indigenous ecologies in community space allows for the revitalization of ecological practice and a reimagining of an indigenous dryland cosmology and aesthetic. Their work gives voice and identifies complex political and social dilemmas that reveal themselves in their constructed environments through projects that activate public space, promote ecological restoration, indigenous foodways, and a new understanding of living in dryland environments.

April Bojorquez has worked in the museum field nationally and internationally as an educator, curator, and researcher.

Influenced by participatory practices and social sculpture, Bojorquez employs diverse strategies to produce immersive and interactive environments exploring place, identity, and museum practices. Garcia is a Creative Capital awardee in Emerging Fields. When: Oct.

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Admission: FREE Something else: This program is part of the For Freedoms 50 State Initiative developed to spur greater participation in civic life by generating discussion of values, place and patriotism through the arts. For more information, visit coloradocollege.

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Paula is also an author, lecturer, host, and actress. Along the way, Paula attempts to explain existence through her kaleidoscopic perspective, and Adam tries to interject some rationality.

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When: Thursday, Nov. Jaune Quick-to-See Smith is one of the U. Smith is a mature, late-career artist with extraordinary aesthetic, intellectual, and curatorial achievements to her credit. She mines her cross-cultural experience and Salish-Kootenai identity, and spans cultures with powerful, idiosyncratic results of high aesthetic caliber. Few Native artists have worked with such grace, inventiveness, and aesthetic success between cultures and art worlds.

Smith has an international reputation with a strong, clear body of work; she has earned her leading standing among women artists and Native American artists while simultaneously aligning both of these often still marginalized groups more closely with the mainstream art world. In the Footsteps of My Ancestors examines themes that perennially recur in her work, including conflict, compassion, peace, the cycle of life, irony, and identity. Smith has always operated on a cusp — culturally, temporally, aesthetically, and from a gender perspective — which gives her work an attention-getting vitality, originality, and relevance.

Her role in the shift toward deepening respect for Native American contemporary art in its own right has been significant. Jaune Quick-to-See Smith has over a hundred solo exhibitions in 28 states to her credit, from California to Florida and from the northern Plains states to Texas. She has also exhibited internationally and in dozens more group exhibitions worldwide. Smith has four honorary Ph. The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalog with contributions by notable essayists Lowery Stokes Sims and Gail Tremblay.

Colorado Springs Sept.

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His material choices and techniques draw from the past, while his imagery is both ultramodern and futuristic. Set in the future of , the pueblos are in chaos, the invasion of Native land continues, the scourge of war rages everywhere. The Aeronauts summon their fleet and prepare for extreme warfare against the invading Castilian forces. Desperately, the Aeronauts search for any remaining clay artifacts from the battlefields. They know that challenges and persecution will continue, so it is imperative to preserve and protect their clay, culture, language, and traditions from extinction.

Ortiz, who works and lives in Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico, is one of the most innovative potters of his time. Ortiz is the fall Andrew W. Register online, or call Event more: This program is part of the For Freedoms 50 State Initiative developed to spur greater participation in civic life by generating discussion of values, place and patriotism through the arts.

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Solar Eclipse In Capricorn January 6 | Rehabilitating Our Capricorn with Tilly - January and a Prayer to Archangel Raphael are all up now on. PERSONAL SHIFT with a PEAK in World Predictions start at 35 mins. Weekend Tarot January 5 & 6, New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn . Daily panchang Monday, 06th of January, Tithi, Nakshatra, muhurat etc on 06/01/

Colorado Springs Aug. A romantic piece of historical fiction, the story centers around a young Will Shakespeare as he struggles to find his inspiration. Enter the feisty aristocratic Viola de Lesseps, who longs to be an actor. Overall, Shakespeare in Love delivers a delightfully crowd-pleasing, deeply romantic, and highly adventurous tale of love and drama in Renaissance-era England.

When: Sept. More: Theatre patrons receive free admission to the FAC Museum on the day of their ticketed performance. Even more: Pre-theatre dining will be available for select performances. Call for hours and to make reservations. Even more: October is Arts Month! The dogs delve into life with gusto, creating a visual spectacle for the audience to feast upon. They snorkel. They howl at the moon. They ride a Ferris wheel.

They sing and dance and climb trees. This is a rollicking free-for-all of chicanine-ery. A big and little musical world of doggy fun. Like a pop-up book that comes to life — and never stops. Offered Saturdays, Sept.

This family friendly event is free and open to the public. Mellon Foundation.