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In contrast, Your moon sign indicates what you see in yourself while your sun sign is about what others see in you. The most important of these categories are Dignity, Detriment, Exaltation and Fall. They are fearless and somewhat rough in talks but are straightforward. Practical and prudent, they single-mindedly work towards their goal and are driven by cold-blooded ambition. Numerology Discover Numerology with mPanchang in an instant. Rashiphal Rashifal for October

Personalized Horoscope. Male Female. Please click on the link below to find your moon sign and know more about you- Calculate Your Moon Sign. Check Now. Finance Are money matters a reason for the dark-circles under your eyes? Ask A Question Is there any question or problem lingering. Love Will you be able to rekindle with your lost love? If you are not. Yantras Energised Yantras for You. AstroSage TV Subscribe. AstroSage Magazine. Buy Gemstones. Buy Now. Marriage Report.

Order Now. Punit Pandey. Hindu Dharma strongly relies on such predictions and calculations to assess festivities, births and even your Horoscope signs. The foundation of Hindu astrology is the notion of bandhu binding together dissimilar things by what is common across all things in the entire creation of the Veda s, scriptures , which is the connection between the microcosm and the macrocosm.

Around BC many extant texts were written by sages such Agastya and Bhrigu. Personality traits of all Indian zodiac signs including lucky numbers, colors, days and recommended gemstones.

Leadership, bravery, rage, and fertility. A storehouse of fierce energy but at the same time carry the warmth of this element perfectly. Courageous and fearless. Ambitious and bold. Frankness and open-mindedness are their two very special attributes. Aries weaknesses include you being stubborn at times. You like to do things in your own way, follow your heart than brain, and thus tend to be inflexible.

They may have some skin diseases or are prone to them. Many of them are water phobic. They usually have fewer children. They are gluttonous. Investments made by Aries do not pay well because of lack of planning. Their confidence, power, strength, and determination can be also be used in sports.

Aries have strong leadership qualities and they can lead a corporate team very well.

What is Moon Sign?

They can also be good entrepreneurs themselves. Since Aries see the bright picture of anything first, they can be good motivational speakers. They can also be good lawyers and politicians as they are assertive, strong and confident. Nakshatra : three charans of Krittika, complete Rohini and the first two charans of Mrigshira Nakshatras.

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They have a nice and friendly way of interacting with others. They have lots of patience and can withstand great hardships. But when provoked beyond limits, they become wild with rage and no power can withstand them. Speaks less and has a very strong willpower. Quite conservative. Taurus thrives in domestic comfort and material possessions seek to build a secure and stable place for them and their loved ones.

During illness recuperative power is slow as they seldom co-operate with the doctor due to stubborn nature. Career: Taurus will not be satisfied in a work profile where the income fluctuates every month. They want a well-defined, stable position with a fixed income thus Taurus can do well in jobs involving real estate, banking, insurance, loans, investment etc. Since they have a good sense of fashion and style, they can become good fashion designers and stylists as well. Taurus is a natural lover of music and can contribute well in this field as a singer, dancer, music composer, etc. They will, at the least, be able to appreciate good music very well. Nakshatra : last two charans of Mrigshira ; complete Ardra and first three charans of Punarvasu Nakshatras. Effective personality, depicting their intelligence, judicious and humane nature. Their nature is versatile, imaginative, pleasant, thoughtful and adaptable. They are learned people with good command of a language.

Moon Signs Horoscope

They are fast at work. They advance their logic in the talk, conversations. They love change and possess foresightedness. As a rule, they are short tempered but cool down quite easily.

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They can consistently work without feeling fatigue, which adversely affects their health. Mercury is quickest of all planets, which gives you a jumpy personality. The speed at which Mercury travels can be associated with your speed of endless thoughts. It allows you to talk tactfully and listen patiently, but not act confidently. Gemini is an air sign, thus there is a flighty quality about you. Air keeps switching momentum, and this explains your changeable personality, moodiness, and flux. Your adaptability quickly turns into inconsistency due to duality in nature. You tend to talk about your feelings than actually feel them.

This makes your communication a little superficial in nature. Since Gemini individual is many personalities and many minds in one body and can think from many angles at the same time, they can also be great lawyers, stage actors, theatre artists, performers, and directors. Gemini has an innately curious and sharp mind.

They are also likely to perform well at professions involving research and discovery. Nakshatra : last charans of Punarvasu , full Pushya , and full Aashlesha Nakshatras. They are introverts. They love occult science.

They are sympathetic, energetic and imaginative. They usually live outside their native place. Water lovers. They like natural scenery. They love traveling and roaming.

They are fearless and somewhat rough in talks but are straightforward. They obtain quick gains from their company. They also acquire inherited property. They love luxuries in life and are usually pious people. Strong mental ability to carry the masses. Sympathetic, to the extent of being oversensitive.

The Traits of Different Horoscopes of Hindu Astrology

As a result, they get irritated easily. On the positive side, you also have some magnetic qualities that help you have increased charisma and the greater degree of fame. Intuitive ability is also out of the ordinary, thus you know when someone is in pain and needs to be comforted. Cancer Weaknesses relate to their dwelling in the past.

Moon signs and your astro personality

You have your one foot stuck in the past, thus tend to take memories with you forever, whether good or bad. You can be clingy and needy in relationships because you are exceptionally giving and expect the same level of compassion and love in return. Their love for beautiful home spaces can make them flourish in the real estate industry, interior designing and decorating. Secure, stable and well-paying careers like banking, accounting, engineering, etc. Cancer loves even the sight of food, and, therefore, they can find happiness in being chefs, managing hotels, and restaurants, or anything else related to the food industry.

Cancer can do well in fields that involve some amount of social work, child welfare, and pet care. The people of this sign are courageous. They possess an impressive and commanding personality.