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If You Ignore Your Rising Sign, You're Reading Your Horoscope All Wrong

These people of Taurus rising sign or ascendant are highly patient beings for which they are also perceived as slow walkers and never punctual.

Dating and marriage compatibility depends more on the ascendent / rising sign

They are true believers of peace and harmony. Though, Taurus Ascendant or Vrishabha lagna people are not much emotionally attached in their relationships as a Piscean would be but they are very much possessive about their near and dear ones as they see them as their own and so on become exceedingly caring for them. Apart from this, they deeply believe in loyalty and trueness in relationships for which they expect the same from others.

On the part of appearance, the Taurus risings people are believed to carry a sturdy physical formation and unbreakable vigor besides which they are perceived to possess truly attractive and appealing personality for which they would be liked by many around.

Taurus - Rising Sign, Ascendant | Vrishabha Lagna

Taurus Ascendant or rising signs are quiet materialistic and so on are attached to worldly pleasures as they will always be concerned about good food and drinks and would seek delight in beautification of self as well as of home but they do all of these for their self satisfaction not for the eye of the world though they do receive admiration. These Taurus are born with a finer vision for selecting supreme stuff. In the end, the Taurus rising signs natives are endowed with a creative and artistic blend for which they would be involved in art, music and creative arenas.

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As for your personal life, you do not really have time for such trifles. But one day you will realize that you have used and discarded those who loved you as unnecessary from your life, but it will be too late. Your passions are strong, but manageable. It looks like you will have two marriages and children from both spouses.

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Possibly twins, if your spouse is born under the sign of Aquarius. You radiate heat, which is extremely attractive, but you must remember that not everyone can give you the true love that you need and deserve.

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You should be extremely selective. This need for love can be rooted in your childhood. Your father will be extremely important to your situation in life; In his childhood he was the cause of great changes for you or was the source of some problem.

Nevertheless, the difficulties of childhood will be forgotten, provided that you can maintain a balance between your professional and emotional life. This combination of signs is one of the few that makes it possible to find great love. Career is a very important part of your life, perhaps too important. You are endowed with a variety of talents, but often prefer a graceful arts and public service. You have poetic abilities and are very fond of theater.

Aries Rising Sign – Personality Traits of Aries Ascendant

Wealth will come to you thanks to your personal qualities, as well as through connections and even rich patrons. The causes of losses can be family problems.

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Read about what is Taurus ascendant or Vrishabha Lagna? And if you are born Taurus rising sign read how your character are?. Characteristics of Taurus Rising native, malefic and benefic planets, suitable occupation As such Ascendant Sign and planet posited therein influence the first . Dev Kaushik is an expert in Vedic Astrology with over 30 Years experience in.

You can also get rich with the help of friends, as well as dealing with the trade in consumer goods, for example, food or clothing. It is likely that during a certain period of life you will experience great difficulties caused by friends or colleagues.

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Short trips are beneficial for you, and you can travel a lot on business. Your occupation will be honorable and profitable, you will be sympathetic to people occupying a good position, especially women.

Taurus Ascendant, rising sign or Vrishabha Lagna

The ascendant house is considered very important in Vedic astrology. They often times enjoy public professions. Your Venus is in Aries, so contrary to what was implied above, you need quite a bit of action to feel fully alive. Their energies are an intrinsic part of our lives, and can help guide us towards our goals in life. In this type of system, the definition of houses involves the division of the sphere into twelve equal lunes perpendicular to a fundamental plane the Morinus and Regiomontanus systems being two notable exceptions. Yantras Energised Yantras for You.

There is no doubt that with your talents you are really capable of attaining a very high position in life. Your main problems are back diseases, rheumatism, diseases of the blood and bones. This combination of signs generally implies health, but the person will either be very healthy, or always sick.

How to Understand a Taurus (Ascendant) Rising Sign

Watch yourself, and you will have little cause for concern. Travels a lot in life. Again, not good for health, in the beginning health may be sound but as the time passes one or other health issues will pop up and dependency on medicine will increase. Native will be learned, good at speculations and will be good in occultism, para vidya as well. Native will be of helping nature, religious and dies peacefully but suddenly. Good position for ascendant lord, makes person fortunate in all endeavors.

Taurus Ascendant / Rising sign Part #1

Father will be rich and famous. Bestows native with good amount of paternal maternal properties, beautiful, well cultured spouse and children. Native will be having religiously oriented mind, will take pride in helping and protecting others. Native will be good in communication skills and oratory.

Bestows one with excellent professional success and achievements along with accolades and acumen. Native will be blessed with material gains, properties, vehicle, good status. Makes native good scholar, learned and well established in life with good wife and children. This is also a good position for ascendant lord to occupy. Native receives name fame and honors in due course of life. Native will be good at finances and in terms of wealth and prosperity. Gains in business or commercial trade can be predicted. Overall it is a good position if rest of the factors too supporting. Native with lagna lord in 12 th house is having good public presence and is dedicated towards social and public welfare.

Native is emotionally and mentally balanced. Portrayal of a persons character and attributes are influenced by the various factors such as planet occupying the ascendant, aspect of planets on ascendant, their strength etc. Taurus Ascendant Ascendant Saga.