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Goldie gets bored without a lot of interaction with others and mental stimulation. As a couple, you tend to focus too much on the responsibilities and duties that you have to each other and not enough time to simply have fun, laugh, and enjoy life. Both of you are also likely to feel blocked in your creative expression.

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You may feel judged and criticized by each other, and that you hold one another back. There is a deep sense of mutual commitment and dedication that keeps the two of you together, even when you face difficult times.

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Kurt is very dedicated and loyal to Goldie, sincerely interested in being responsible to Goldie, and willing to make sacrifices when necessary. The two of you work well together on practical matters and business affairs.

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If you marry, you will find that you can rely on each other to be helpful and responsible. Goldie is very dedicated and loyal to Kurt, with a strong desire to fulfill the responsibilities and demands of this relationship. Goldie is willing to go the extra mile and make sacrifices without complaining, for the benefit of Kurt and the relationship. Kurt is encouraging and supportive of Goldie, inspiring a sense of security and well-being.

If the two of you engage in business activities or marry, you will find that you work well together on meeting the problems that arise and you can count on each other to be responsible and trustworthy. There is a deep sense of mutual commitment and dedication that holds your relationship together, even when you go through difficult times together.

Unusual states of consciousness, increased mystical or psychic sensitivity, or creative imagination and inspiration characterize your relationship. You can become very unbalanced, impractical, and erratic together. You need to take care not to lose touch with practical limitations and realities.

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Cafe Astrology offers a report that interprets the synastry or compatibility of lovers and relationships. Cafe Astrology's Free Charts. Generate your birth or natal chart with chartwheel and report with interpretations. Once you've created a natal chart, you can then.

You inspire imagination and creativity along artistic or musical lines in one another as well. Bursts of inspiration, creative imagination and insight, or strange psychic experiences makes your relationship lively and unusual. You may do some rather bizarre or unusual experimenting together. Avoidance of responsibility or reality can be a problem at times.

The two of you are fascinated by each other and strongly attracted to each other, but the distinct differences in your temperaments also inclines you to periods of personality clashes and misunderstandings. If you try to force each other to be more like yourself or more your like image of the perfect mate , this relationship can be disastrous. This is easier said than done, however, and both of you must make a concerted effort to harmonize your very different temperaments. Your basic aims and approach to life are in harmony, and the mutual respect you feel forms the basis of an excellent friendship or partnership.

You feel understood, appreciated, recognized, and affirmed by one another. You stimulate, vitalize, motivate, and believe in each other.

This relationship is not an easy one! There is a sense of responsibility towards each other that may incline you to marry or form some kind of long-lasting commitment to each other. But although the union is likely to be long-lasting, it is also likely to have more than its fair share of frustrations and difficulties.

At times you both feel emotionally constrained and inhibited by being together, and this relationship may feel like a form of imprisonment! Most likely there is too much emphasis on responsibilities and obligations and not enough attention given to the needs for acceptance and tenderness. The serious tone of the relationship also stifles play and light-hearted fun-loving activities. This relationship may endure even when your feelings towards one another have cooled because there is a great deal of security in it, even if there is little satisfaction over time.

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Algorithmically-generated horoscopes, customized to your entire chart. While a solar chart is a valid chart and certainly has its merits, the natal chart should be the first you look at. The Year of the Rat will begin in February Direct confrontation is likely to be more difficult for you, and you can be turned off by those who are too blatant, coarse or obvious. It includes color chart wheels of the birth charts for each person, and interpretations of Chiron in addition to the standard planets and points.

In fact, it is sometimes difficult to be serious with each other; the tendency to be light-hearted and jovial is too irresistible. Also, you are very supportive and encouraging to each other, but you tend to be overly optimistic about each other and make promises that you cannot fulfill. You encourage each other to be extravagant, sometimes too much so.

Romantic love for each other is very strong, and there is a very sweet, tender, and romantic quality to your feelings for each other. You also evoke feelings of good will and tenderness in each other. This is a sweet relationship that could easily become a long-lasting one.

This relationship has a marked effect on the overall attitudes and beliefs of both of you, but particularly of Goldie. You may experience differences of opinion that are difficult to reconcile. You are also inclined to take risks together and speculate, sometimes foolishly. Your conversations are deep and probing. You understand each other at a very deep level, and you may find yourselves revealing things about yourself that you have not mentioned to anyone else.

You also make a good research team or investigators. You inspire each other to refine and clarify your ideas, plans and strategies.

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You are an effective team in research, writing, or business pursuits. You also help each other to successfully implement a plan or follow through on an idea until it manifests as a successful product or creative work. You also have spirited, feisty debates with one another.

This relationship may very well lead to marriage, but there are some major negative tendencies that you both need to try to avoid.

The proclivity to marriage stems from the strong sense of commitment, reliability, trustworthiness, faithfulness, and stability that this relationship offers. You both feel that you can count on each other and dedicate your lives to each other. However, this stable, reliable relationship can easily become boring, unexciting, and downright cold over time. Kurt, in particular, is likely to feel stifled by the relationship. Kurt may feel neglected, unloved, and unappreciated.


To prevent this relationship from drying up, you both must maintain your involvement in activities that inspire and uplift you, and maintain your friendships, hobbies, and entertainment you love -even when your partner does not share your enthusiasm for these activities. As your relationship grows over time, you begin to work together very closely on shared goals and objectives.

You develop a joint sense of purpose and you join together on projects that are rich in purpose and meaning. The intimate blending of your creative efforts and career goals makes the two of you that much closer and the bonding between you is very strong. Physical and sexual attraction is also strong, and chances are high that if you marry, this will be a lasting, strong union. Circumstances beyond your control and not of your choosing may intrude themselves upon you two, and prevent you from having as full a relationship as you would wish.

You encourage each other to play, to laugh and see the lighter side of life, to expand your horizons, and simply to enjoy life. The two of you as a couple will be strongly influenced be spiritual teachings, the joint pursuit of inner development, or a combined interest in imagery, poetry, art, and the imaginative life of the mind. You will be unusually telepathic with one another, and will almost immediately be able to convey your thoughts to one another non-verbally. On a mental level anyway, you blend together very will.

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Idealism and trying to view situations from a higher, more encompassing perspective are emphasized when you are together, and a spiritual understanding will be easy for the two of you to achieve. You are destined to be involved with learning about the subtle, intangible forces in life, the effects of color, music, artistic images, subtle healing energies, or prayer.

Teaching or otherwise disseminating these ideas may well be a function of your relationship. Throughout your relationship, there will be unusual events, sudden turnabouts, unexpected intrusions, and surprises, which may prevent you from following through on some of your joint plans or settling into a steady, reliable pattern with one another. There may be a disjointed, unnerving sense of uncertainty, but if you are both fairly adaptable and open, you may be able to ride through the ups and downs.

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A sense of humor will be a requirement! If one of you becomes restless, it is important to be absolutely truthful and up-front about the changes you want to make, rather than becoming unreliable and acting out erratically. You may find to your surprise that the other person is restless too, and willing to try something radically different.

Your conversations will reveal to both of you aspects of yourselves that have been hidden — either purposely concealed or long ago denied and buried.